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[Meepo] Microing Meepo

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Meerkat, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Meerkat

    Meerkat New Member

    Aug 1, 2010
    This is not a guide on item, skill build or gameplay (farming pattern, when to fight, taking Roshan, counter heroes, when to pick, ...). This is a purely mechanical guide on microing Meepo. I definitely recommend learning Meepo. The skills you learn transfer well to other heroes. You get better at controlling the courier resulting in less courier deaths and faster item buying/delivery. You shift queue more thus your hero doesn't waste time. Your dominated creep/other units have more impact. You get more map awareness due your constant use of Boots of Travel and your meepos being everywhere. Your general farming efficiency increases.

    Here is a video with some Meepo routines.

    0:03 tping 4 meepo clones to lane.
    0:10 switching lane meepo with fountain meepo back and forth
    0:21 tping, shift blink-hex and poof. Pay attention to the channeling bar. When 1.5 seconds is left start poofing
    0:28 sometimes your meepos get ganked, poof main meepo in, clones out. Ethereal Blade lasts 3 seconds, hex lasts 3.5 seconds giving your meepo clones enough time to poof (1.5 seconds) in case one of your Meepo gets stunned/disabled. (You should start with poofing clones out, then main Meepo in. In the video I poofed main meepo in first for demonstration purpose.) This routine is used to escape.
    0:34 poof 4 meepos and split them into 2 pairs
    0:39 switch pair meepo position
    0:52 with the addition of backpack and since Meepo is a crazy fast farmer consider buying necro 3, silver edge, manta, guardian greaves. Active items you can use while not being in a fight. Use the nearby shop to circumvent the 6 second cooldown restriction. Prioritize wards, smoke, ... when going past 6 slots. Drop them at base or put into your courier.
    1:04 bear in mind you can target the hero icons. This makes saving meepo clones easier. Simply eblade your lowest health clone.

    In spoiler the key sequence if you are having a hard time following:
    0:03 teleport (item key), cycle unit, poof, cycle unit, poof, ..., move or attack-move
    0:10 select meepo pair A, poof, cycle unit, poof, select main meepo, poof, select meepo pair B, poof, cycle unit, poof
    0:21 select main meepo, teleport, shift-blink, shift-hex, wait (1.5 seconds left on teleport), select meepo clones, poof, cycle unit, poof, ...
    alternatively (and better): select main meepo, teleport, select meepo clones, wait (1.5 seconds left on teleport), poof, cycle unit, poof, ..., select main meepo, shift-blink, shift-hex.
    This provides more accurate positioning since the enemy can move a lot during teleport.
    0:28 This routine should be used to escape a gank. In the scenario the enemy disables a meepo clone during the attempt of poofing out your main meepo will come in and buy some time.
    select meepo clones, poof, cycle unit, poof, ..., select main meepo, poof, shift-hex, shift-ghost, shift-blink.
    0:34 select meepo clones, poof, cycle unit, poof, ..., control group key, move or attack move, control group key, move or attack move
    0:39 select meepo pair A, poof, select meepo pair B, poof, cycle unit, poof, select meepo pair A, cycle unit, poof
    0:52 go to the nearest shop (base, side, secret), move items, activate them.
    1:04 use poof/item on hero portrait

    There are more routines missing. But you'll figure them out on your own by playing Meepo.
    Blink poof is Meepo's signature move. Combine it with teleport and you get 0:21 (see video). Instead of teleport you could also poof your main meepo to a meepo clone, same effect.

    Please note that the meepo routines are the routines I use. You can do it differently. Some players have a key for each meepo clone and don't cycle unit when poofing. This may be a bit slower but you have a lot more control. You know exactly which clone you are poofing in and out.

    My personal keyboard layout:
    123456: main meepo, all meepo clones, item 3-6
    QWERT: 3 skill keys, ultimate key, control group
    ASDFGH: attack, stop, control group, control group, buy quick item, buy sticky item
    YXCVBN: shop, chat wheel, take stash items, item 1, item 2, voice
    ctrl, alt, shift, tab: default keys
    In the video B and T keys are missing (keyboard overlay).
    Please note that this is my personal keyboard layout. You do not have to copy it. It comes down to preference. Biggest critique to my keyboard layout is that I don't utilize the F1, F2, ... keys, I don't have any hotkeys on my mouse and I don't utilize alt keys.
    T key is used for meepo illusion and necro book, D and F is used for meepo 2/3 and meepo 4/5.

    Some general reminder what ctrl and shift keys do in Dota 2:
    You set a control group by selecting units, then pressing ctrl+control group key.
    You add units to an existing control group by selecting units, then pressing shift+control group key.
    You add/remove units from your existing selection by holding shift and clicking on the units.
    You set your quick buy items by holding shift and clicking on the item you want to buy.
    You add items to your quick buy items by holding ctrl and shift and clicking on the item you want to buy.
    You skill your skills by holding ctrl and using your spell key.
    When enabled you issue a command (attack, move, stop) to all your units by holding ctrl.
    You can draw things on the minimap by holding ctrl.
    You set camera position by pressing ctrl+camera key.

    Quickcast is highly recommended. (Removes the need of making a left click.)
    Don't use the select all other unit key. Make a control group and add all other units to the key. When a meepo clone is low health you can order it back to fountain, then set a new control group without the injured meepo.
    Autoattack standard: After poofing your meepo will automatically attack. When ordering a move command and after fulfilling the move command you will not attack. You will use a lot of attack move (attack on ground, resulting in you running to the location attacking anything in its path) and shift (to queue up commands). With this setting the hold key is identical to the stop key. Thus I don't use the hold key.

    Use hotkeys whenever possible. You should put items you want to buy into your quick buy to minimize the time you spend at the shop or to make some fast purchase when dying.
    Some people don't have a skill key for the passive skills (geostrike, divided we stand). I don't recommend it since you won't be able to skill fast.

    Go into a practice match with cheats enabled and practice microing the hero. To get a game sense how to farm the jungle, when to go in, when to retreat avoiding death is best learned by playing the hero. The meta on how you should play the hero (item, skill build, farm/fight oriented) changes with every patch. Find your style, watch how pros play, adapt your playstyle.
    But the microing aspect which this guide is about doesn't change. :)
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  2. roadto7kmmr

    roadto7kmmr New Member

    Jan 21, 2017
    hi. can u explain on switching meepo pair position ? tq.
  3. Meerkat

    Meerkat New Member

    Aug 1, 2010
    Sorry for late reply. I thought my thread was dead so I stopped checking on it.

    The keysequence of it is:
    select meepo pair A, poof, select meepo pair B, poof, cycle unit, poof, select meepo pair A, cycle unit, poof

    You have meepo pair A which is Meepo 1 and 2 and meepo pair B which is 3 and 4.
    illustratively what happens is:
    12 - - - 34 meepo pair A left, meepo pair B right
    2 - - - 134 poof one meepo from meepo pair A to meepo pair B
    234 - - - 1 poof both meepos from meepo pair B to left
    34 - - - 12 poof remaining meepo from meepo pair A to right

    Learning this routine is useful. Varying it slightly it works also with 3 meepos. The use case of this is to poof healthy meepo clones in while retreating the unhealthy ones.
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  4. RadioCity

    RadioCity Member

    Feb 13, 2010
    I just can't win with meepo on 7.00 he was my favourite hero on 6.X
    And I belive my micro is pretty okay
  5. roadto7kmmr

    roadto7kmmr New Member

    Jan 21, 2017
    Thanks for replying. How i actually do that ? is it by clicking on the hero icon at the top left ? Bcos i saw in the video u did it pretty fast man. Just like in sec.
  6. Meerkat

    Meerkat New Member

    Aug 1, 2010
    There are control group keys in options. You set your control group with ctrl+<the key>. You press <the key> and you have your units selected.
  7. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    I always thought that meepo is the easiest micro in the game.
    I mean, all those you micro have the same abilities, unlike Chen, for example, with whom you must memorize what you got, and it's almost always a variety of skills in which you could get lost.

    That being said, this guide is great. I play Meepo, just not that much. This got me excited again.
    I'll re-watch/-read it again thoroughly and post any questions I have here.

    > Well played!
  8. Lanaya.de

    Lanaya.de Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    Just spam Q as Chen.

    The button is always Q.
  9. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    its not the buttons, its the different creeps you have. You have to memorize which creeps you have which are different in almost every fight in the same game, and centaurs for example need to be in close range when you hit q, whereas troll have a targeted ranged ability. That could be really confusing when you have them both and you press tab and then q.
    I mean its not impossible, but harder than meepo who always have the same skills.
  10. Meerkat

    Meerkat New Member

    Aug 1, 2010
    There are 2 routines I use when removing an injured Meepo from a control group:

    1. Select all Meepos.
    2. Pull all Meepos back.
    3. Shift+Click on injured Meepo. (This removes the injured Meepo from the selected Meepos.)
    4. Turn around and fight.
    5. ctrl+control group key. Set the now selected Meepos as a new control group.

    Second routine:

    1. Select injured Meepo.
    2. Pull back.
    3. Select all Meepos
    4. Shift+Click injured Meepo
    5. Fight.
    6. ctrl+control group key.

    Scenarios in which to use varies. You learn this by experience. Though I'm not sure if those routines can be further optimized.
    Also being able to quickly TP home a specific Meepo clone is very helpful. I use quickcast but I have normal cast assigned to the same keys but with the ALT modifier. By holding ALT I can double tap thus self cast (tp base).
    Though I myself also struggle with keeping specific Meepo alive. I noticed if you rely less on unified ordering you become better at microing. Unified ordering makes microing easier but it introduces a bad habit in which you force all Meepos to fight or run making your low health Meepo die.

    I'm not active on PlayDota. Saw your PM because of e-mail notification. If you have some further questions visit me on Discord [​IMG].