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[TCA 2nd Place Entry]Maverick, The Demon Gambler

Discussion in 'Hero Ideas' started by Skulls_n_Souls, May 15, 2017.

  1. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012

    • [​IMG]

      Hero Background Story:
      It was ten in the evening - still too early for the wagering tables in Aces casino to be abandoned the way they were. However, attention was drawn away from those by the man sitting at the bar. He chugged a huge chunk of his beer and, within the deprecations of his fellow gamblers, continued taling off what he witnessed.

      "I'm telling ya I saw it!" he exclaimed with an Irish accent. "It was a month ago when he entered that dark place. He was not in fear - there was certainty in his eyes that he is going to win, as if he somehow had forseen it. But, till this day no winner's been declared."

      "A month?!" shouted one of the audience in mockery. "What game lasts a month without being settled?!"

      The man had another sip of beer, looked at the young shouter with eyes glittering with seriousness, and replied: "Ever wagered yer soul in a game, sonny?" he paused, then continued: "try to imagine doing that, with yer opponent bein' a demon whose lifespan had lengthened with the souls he sapped from great gamblers, not ones that think with their arses like you."

      "Well, you said it, Sam. Why would anyone risk their soul? What's in it for him?" asked the bartender, who was listening intently while pouring out beers for his costumers.

      "Maverick is not just a gambler like you and me - he's an elite warrior. And so he thirsts for more power - power he cannot feel when winning gambles and battles. None can predict what he will become if he wins. Maverick's luck; his greed for gold and power; his quick and smooth tricks - combine all those with demon soul and ye'll have unmatched power. And I fear that it will not come without the demon's monstrosity."

      Hero Introduction:
      Maverick is a melee agility carry whose skills offer great synergy with chance based items, and the ability to farm them quickly. He can also use the enemies' own damage against them, making him a great counter to linups that rely too much on right clicks and damage-increasing auras. That being said, he has poor starting stats and damage making him very susceptible to ability damage; and is very much item dependant.

      • [​IMG]
        Type: Active
        Targeting: N/A
        Hotkey: Q
        Damage Type: N/A

        In an attempt to empower himself, Maverick rolls his demonically-imbued dice. He will increase his attack speed by a multiplier of the number rolled. If doubles are rolled, he will gain additional 30% of the bonus attack speed.

        [​IMG] 0.2/0.00
        :mana: 100
        :cooldown: 12
        [​IMG] 5
        [​IMG] Increases attack speed by 3.75/4.5/5.25/6 x the sum of rolled numbers. In case of doubles, 30% of attack speed is added as bonus.


        • Takes 0.2 seconds to roll, during which he is invulnerable.
        • Chances of rolling 1 or 2 is slightly lower (16% each) than rolling higher numbers (17% each).
      • [​IMG]
        Type: Active, Passive
        Targeting: Point
        Hotkey: W
        Damage Type: Magical

        Every time The Gambler dies, a coin will be tossed where his body fell. If it's heads, he will regain a portion of the gold lost upon death. If it's tails, no effect will occur. In addition, the hero can wager an amount of gold and infuses it with his powers, creating an energy bolt whose power depends on how much gold was spent, and fires it at a target destination. Once it lands on an enemy, it will leave an unpurgeable debuff on them for 5 seconds. If the killing blow was landed by Maverick or his allies in the duration of the debuff, the spent gold will be refunded along with some bonus.

        :bkbblockpartial: The damage is blocked, the debuff isn't.
        :strongdispelno: Isn't purgeable by any means.
        :breakableno: Passive isn't disabled by break as it occurs after death.​

        [​IMG] 0.00/0.3
        :mana: 50
        :gold: 100 - 1000
        :cooldown: 10
        :range: 800
        :aoe: 75
        [​IMG] Regains 50% of the gold lost upon death. Deals 30/40/50/60% of the spent gold as damage. Reclaims spent gold in addition to 30% of it if the target is a hero, and +40% of the bounty if it's a creep.


        • The projectile moves at 800 speed.
        • Cannot target Ancients.
        • Gold gained is unreliable.
        • Debuff is applied before damage.
        • This skill gives rise to two subskills: Raise, and Lower. When each of those is used, small numbers resembling the amount of gold used are displayed above The Gambler which only he can see.

        Hotkey: D

        Raises the gold used in Legacy's bolt by 50. Has 0.1 cd. If the hotkey is held over 0.5 second, it will instantly increase it to maximum gold.

        Hotkey: F

        Lowers the gold used in Legacy's bolt by 50. Has 0.1 cd. If the hotkey is held over 0.5 second, it will instantly decrease it to minimum gold.
      • [​IMG]
        Type: Passive
        Targeting: N/A
        Hotkey: E
        Damage Type: Physical

        As the Ace of Spades is to all cards, so is the gambler to all beings - he is always superior. Everytime he attacks an enemy, he has a chance of adding their own damage to his for that attack.

        :breakableyes: Passive is disabled by break.​

        [​IMG] 20/25/30/35% to add the target's attack damage to the gambler's.


        • Only considers damage from main attribute, and base damage; all damage when attacking creeps.
        • In case a critical strike procs along with Ace of Beings, the added damage is NOT considered in critical strikes calculation.
      • [​IMG]
        Type: Active, Passive
        Targeting: N/A
        Hotkey: R
        Damage Type: N/A

        Maverick flaunts his demonic energies, improving rates of all his chance-based passives from abilities and items by a certain amount. In addition, Maverick gains an evasion chance in addition to true evasion for all his evasion chances once this skill is activated.

        :strongdispelno: Isn't purgeable by any means.
        :breakableno: Passive isn't disabled by break.​

        [​IMG] 0.00/0.00
        :mana: 150/200/250
        :cooldown: 80
        [​IMG] Increases all chances(*) by 4/7/10%; When activated, grants 20% evasion and true evasion for the duration.


        • True evasion: When proced, Maverick's evasion will ignore true strike, including Bloodthorn's active. However, Break attacks will still hit.
        • (*)Chances include: chance of rolling numbers higher than 3 in Dark Roll (that means chances of #1, 2, 3 will be 12, 12, 13%/9, 9, 10%/6, 6, 7% respectively; and of #4, 5, 6 will be 21/24/27 each); Ace of Spades chance; Chance of getting heads from Legacy; Evasion (Talisman of Evasion, Solar Crest, Heaven's Halberd, and Butterfly); Critical Strike (Crystalis, Daedelus, Bloodthorn); Javelin's bonus damage; Bash (Skull Basher, Abyssal Blade); Mini-bash (Monkey King Bar); Maim (Sange, Sange and Yasha, Heaven's Halberd); Chain-Lightening (Maelstorm, Mjolnir); Block Chance (Stout Shield, Poor Man's Shield, Vanguard, Crimson Guard, Abyssal Blade).
        • The passive doesn't increase the evasion from the active.
        • Upon activation, an animation that darkens the Gambler will be visible to both allies and enemies.
        • If multiple identical items are in the inventory, it will only increase the chance to one of them.
      • :asu: Once Aghanim's Scepter is purchased, purchasing new Aghanim's Scepters will not occupy new slots. Instead, their stats will be added to the first purchased Aghanim's Scepter. Stacks indefinitely. Aghanim's Scepter cannot be dropped once it is purchased.​
    • [​IMG]

      * Legacy's prjectile now travels the whole distance, affecting all units along its way. Only the first hero hit by it will have the increased bounty debuff placed on them, however.​

    • 12.12.2016:
      - Hero Created.​
    • 12.13.2016:
      - Dark Roll: reduced bonus attack speed when rolling doubles from 40% to 30%.
      - Ace of Beings: reduced chance from 26/34/42/50% to 25/30/35/40%. Now doesn't consider base attack damage.​
    • 12.14.2016:
      - Demon Luck:​
      1. The active only offers true evasion without true strike now. It also grants 10/15/20% evasion for the duration.
      2. Added note: If multiple identical items are in the inventory, it will only increase the chance to one of them.
      3. True evasion has no exclusion when affected by Bloodthorn now. However, it can't block Break's attack.
    • 1.14.2017:
      - Added Talent Tree.
      - Increased STR and STR gain.​
    • 1.26.2017:
      - Statistics: Increased both STR and AGI gain to 2.6. Increased armor by 1.
      - Ace of Beings: Increased chance by 5% at all levels.
      - Legacy: Rescaled regained gold upon death from 30/40/50/60% to 50%, and damage percentage from 35/40/45/50% to 30/40/50/60%.
      - Talent Tree: Increased stats from level 15 by 1; and Legacy's stun (level 20) by 0.5 seconds. Decreased +damage (level 10) by 5; and Ace of Beings Lifesteal (Level 25) by 10%.​
    • 1.10.2018:
      - Changed talent tree and added scepter.
      - Legacy: increased bounty debuff from 3 to 5, and now the bounty will be gained if Maverick's team gets the kill, not just Maverick. Increased projectile speed to 800.​
    • 1.11.2018:
      - Legacy: Decreased creep bounty to 40%.
      - Demon Luck: increased Evasion from 10% to 20%; and duration from 1.4/1.8/2.2 to 2/2.5/3.
      - Ace of Beings: reduced chance from 30/35/40/45% to 20/25/30/35%​

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    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
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  2. SataNiK Gui

    SataNiK Gui Member

    Apr 12, 2017
    Dark roll says it has 0.0 cast time but in its notes it says it takes 0.2 seconds to roll when he is invulnerable.
    Sounds like a complication that you don't need.
    The ability is great but it lasts only 5 seconds? I wish it would last longer, even if you increase its cooldown.
    But the ability is great.
    His E ability is also great, all though the chances are too high, especialy with that Ultimate.
    Great abilities these two.
    I wish they were mine.
    And the Ultimate is also very interesting. I don't like the active part though I can say I liked it with every thing considered.
    But considering to keep the active part why does it last this little? I understand this one with a 0.0 cast time but I didn't understand this duration. You can have it lasting 1 second if you only want it to be used to dodge a single attack or you should have it lasting sufficient time to make a diference in a real fight. Which is much better.
    But I really like the things from these three abilities.
    The problem is that his W ability is very strange. The first part has nothing to do with the second part and the second part I imagine you did just to qualify for the contest.
    Well it was a contest and you needed to qualify but you don't have to keep it now because it really don't look good.
    And your hero is desperetaly needing a survival skill, a disable, or some area ability, maybe as nuke maybe as a disable, or both, but he needs something more than single target damage, right-clicks buff and attackspeed buff.
    So I think you're getting there and removing his current W ability is every thing you need.
    But these other three abilities are great.
  3. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    I fixed the 0.2 cast time. It was a typo.
    The reason for that effect is so that Dark Roll would still be effective if you got like 1:2 on your die.
    I'm actually quite happy about his Legacy (W) ability. The idea about it is to drastically increase his income, even if he dies a few times. In addition, it provides him with a very strong nuke for him to secure kills.

    His ultimate's active is very helpful in accomplishing his role which is to heavily counter right clickers. If pa blinks in to hit him and he uses this ability, she'll probably miss most of her attacks. So will Luna's bounces, for example.

    Thank you for the review.

    and bump once for @summer-penguin .. <3
  4. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    Bump. Made a few tweaks and changed talent tree
  5. ThunderTF2

    ThunderTF2 Member

    Dec 27, 2011
    Fast review
    (mostly cons)

    Lore - td;dr

    Stats are Ok



    Mb 2d20 or 2d12?
    Why? Bcz...
    Dont open pic without this track playing
    Overall - Okay, mb needs some more buffs?


    Only heads and tails? No edge?
    I liked passive (yet i think its kinda weak and feels more like imp-trickster prank, not a demon gambler (didnt read lore btw)), but active...
    I could accept it pre 6.85 (MAYBE), but if its only hero-targeted ability. Since its not AND you could farm like 3k gold per minute (soulring+bottle would keep you healthy while doing so) - No, its not acceptable.


    Overall okay, but need some cooldown between procs (oh, wait, its it LC's MoC?)


    Weak, both passive and active.

    Quick example on passive:
    You runnin towards enemy with abyssal > Random range creep hits you > Abyssal's VG part procs and passive goes on cd.

    Active: Notable with old MKB, but... time is gone.

    I have really good (deamonicly good) suggestion to ability, i'll share it with you im PM. Right after i read you review on Zastyza.


    Great synergy with W ability! (jk)
    Immortal 20k hp anti-carry monstrosity in 20 minutes. No, thanks.


    10 left, 15 left, 20 left, 20 right

    10 right + 15 right
    You already read my opinion on current talent system.
    Thats not a talents system, thats a new (undated) stat system.


    OP, CD reduction thing, overall, should be global (local, on each ability or item slot)
  6. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    I'm illuminati. I've been thinking about buffing it a bit by giving it a different effect or something. Maybe something will come up soon.

    You're exaggerating. Let's do some math, shall we?
    This ability cannot target ancients. The highest bounty you can get from a non-ancient creep is ~70 (Satyr Tormentor). Assuming you will ALWAYS hit a Satyr Tormentor with it (every 10 seconds), you'll get half the bounty (70/2 = 35) every 10 seconds. 6*35 = 210 gold per minute. It is incomparable to Greevil's Greed, but the latter has no advantages other than gold so.

    Greevil's Greed gives that bonus in ~10 creep kills. ANY creep.

    Anyhow, I'll nerf it to 40%.

    LC's MoC procs when she's attacked, this one is when he attacks.

    I don't think you understand the ultimate. It has two components: a passive and an active.
    The passive gives you an increased chance on ALL your chanced based abilities and items. Nothing goes on cooldown here. and the increase is additive, not multiplicative. so say you have an mkb, that 75% chance will increase to 79/82/85%.
    The active part is still powerful, regardless of the new mkb: the new mkb has a 75% accuracy. The highest evasion an item gives you is 30%. I don't think I need to elaborate more here.

    ASU does have a synergy with Legacy. But again, you're exaggerating. In order to get stats comparable to that of a Skadi from the aghanim's upgrade, you need to buy 3 Aghanims. That's 12600 gold compared to Skadi that gives the same in addition to an Orb effect for ~5.7 k gold. This Agh's upgrade is so that if the game goes late, This will be a more reliable source of sustain/damage than Skadi.

    You're giving Legacy too much credit :)
    The left level 25 Talent is not weak. It's a +5% on your daedelus, evasion, mkb, basher, sange, etc.
    Drow has a 50% cooldown reduction, and Shadow Fiend has 40%. They both use active items a lot, and SF has a lot of abilities to work with that talent.

    Changes coming up soon.
  7. ThunderTF2

    ThunderTF2 Member

    Dec 27, 2011
  8. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    • 1.11.2018:
      - Legacy: Decreased creep bounty to 40%.
      - Demon Luck: increased Evasion from 10% to 20%; and duration from 1.4/1.8/2.2 to 2/2.5/3.​
  9. ThunderTF2

    ThunderTF2 Member

    Dec 27, 2011
    5 (55) minutes.

    W + ASU

    Oh, somehow "quick" review doesnt went too smooth.
    I was a bit too quick with judge on ASU.

    I was thinking that you'll get 50% of gold you bet as bonus (Like 500 gold per 10 seconds).
    Lets put gold aside. Main "dish".

    Main problem is damage and\or cd.
    He cannot start as pure jungler, but he can start to jungle after he aquire qblade + shield + 2 clars + pulled tangoes + 1000 gold.
    That opens pos 3\4\5 heroes to take over safer\juicier lane to gain exp and gold advantage over enemies.

    Just like in 2012~, then Kuroky played for VP he got like MJ + armlet + phase\pt + 1 slot min 25~ on semi-jungle Lifestealer.
    He lvled until some lvl and then just goes full afk jungle farm without any sustain problems.


    I mean LC's passive weaker than this, that is the problem.
    It uses both your and target "farm" against him + incresed % chances to proc strong items = UNO SHOTTO
    Troll first-hit-bash-into-tavern vibes much?


    Mana and CD is okay, but

    Wait is this duration of true evasion?
    1.4/1.8/2.2 seconds of 10 true + 10 legacy evasion with 80 second CD just for 150/200/250 mana? Black Friday jokes?

    Still not strong, no one (good enough to not to choose crap) chooses evasion talents with <20%

    Anyways, if what you say is true, then - its OP.

    I mean, if you swap active with passive (with some rebalancing stuff ofc) - might be worth having uncounterable 10% dodge.

    Passive = true + lecary evasions
    Active = inc. proc chances

    Yet, i still dont like it, since i have already created ability that possible can take place of this.
  10. Skulls_n_Souls

    Skulls_n_Souls Member

    May 17, 2012
    You never want your carry to jungle this era until it's mid to late game, because lanes offer much more gold and exp than that in the jungle, and you're forgetting that the bonus bounty is given based on the creep affected by it, so you farm a wave, go to nearby large camp, clear it then get back (like any other carry). That kuro trick worked because it was 2012, and the jungle gave decent gold. Plus, any melee hero in DotA can jungle efficiently with the items you mentioned.

    I thought I added a note on Ace of Beings. Weird. Will modify now
    Anyway, the ability only considers base damage + damage from main attribute, not bonus damage as well. Plus it shouldn't be considered when a critical strike procs.

    Having a + chance passive is too weak, and the active alone is too weak. Switching the active to passive and vice versa might be a good idea. I think on it. I increased the duration and evasion anyway(check my previous post). Keep in mind that the True Evasion will be applied on ALL evasion you have, whether from the active or an item.

    Thank you for the review :)
  11. ThunderTF2

    ThunderTF2 Member

    Dec 27, 2011

    Now, imagine hero that could survive gank (just maverick + 1) as mid or offlaner?

    He could just freely farm lane and force enemy to leave lane and farm jungle, if:
    1) Enemy doesnt have enough hp to survive nuke alone (800 cast range, 1k magic dmg, ??? projectile speed (since you mentioned this >
    2) Does not have a way to dodge this projectile
    3) They dewarded you \ You didnt see them on map (smoked?)
    4) Your team has no saves to keep you alive even if they react with lughtning speed.
    5) etc.

    Well, evasions fixed.
    But duration, mana and cd... 80 second cd, 250 mana, 3 second active
    Well, 2 out of 3 should be changed.
    Meh, will it really help? Theres not much self cast active abilities that provides some sort of durability (Dark Willow's Shadow Realm?).
    Its either passive (blur) or active that could affect allies (aphotic shield) or aoe (magnetic field)
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018